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” I’ve had the chance to work with Mia on the last short I have directed, The President’s Visit (2017). It was a challenging casting, with around 40 cast members, including extras, but Mia showed her A-game, taking up the challenge beautifully, and with a lot of positive energy. The best part about working with her is the positive vibes she dedicates to her work, which can only lead to good results. Despite having me away for all of the first castings, Mia was on auto-pilot and always renewed her cast options, as the casting went on and the “world” of the characters became more defined. She followed my intended references, but always added her own touch to it, making the characters richer through her casting options. Would definitely work with her again! ”

~Cyril Aris, Director of The President’s Visit

“We love working with Mia
She is pro, dedicated, hard working and is to top it all a lovable person
what more can we ask for?”
~Joyce Hadifé, Executive Producer at City Films Productions